+27 74357 0395 | +263 78237 6231 info@jetromiltonslogistics.co.za
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Welcome To Jetro Miltons Logistics

Jetro Miltons Logistics is a cross border  transporting company specializing in consolidated loads to Zimbabwe. We service companies, individuals, churches, clubs etc that need to have goods transported between South Africa and Zimbabwe only. We believe that quality is essential on time delivery is critical and a competitive price is the way we add real value to customers business. Our services allows our clients to effectively run their business from a desk while Jetro Miltons Logistics takes care of distribution. We can collect from any point in South Africa and deliver anywhere in Zimbabwe, providing a proof of delivery for every consignment. Jetro Miltons Logistics render a sourcing service where we can source and secure goods on behalf of any of our clients. We buy groceries on behalf of shop owners, churches, clubs, burial societies, boarding schools and individuals, we buy from makro, Jumbo, Game or any retail outlet of your choice and we only charge 25% of the total invoice. We can transport a bike, a pallet, a beam from any place in South Africa  to any other place in Zimbabwe. We have license to transport expensive cargo. We are able to  transport valuable and expensive cargo without escort from South Africa to Zimbabwe which reduces the cost of delivery.

+2774 357 0395


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Our Services

  • Crossboarder Transporting
  • Sourcing Goods

Contact Information

SA number: +27 74357 0395
Zim: +263 78237 6231
Email 1: info@jetromiltonslogistics.co.za
Email 2: bookings@jetromiltonslogistics.co.za

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