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Household Furniture

Sourcing services, goods can be sourced and secured on behalf of clients ie buying goods on behalf of our clients eg groceries, motor spares, paints, tiles, beverage etc. At Jetro Miltons Logistics We transport household furniture like: 

  1. Couches
  2. Lounge sets
  3. Dining tables and chairs
  4. Kitchen sets
  5. Garden furniture.
  6. Fridges
  7. Stoves, washing machines
  8. LED tvs
  9. Wardrobes 

Jetro Miltons Logistics also transport hardware staff and equipment like floor tiles paints, roofing sheets, bathroom sets, aluminum windows and sliding doors. And also we supply aluminum windows in bulk and its rails etc. Also Jetro Miltons Logistics transport lubricants like brake fluids, gear oil, engine oil etc. You do not need an account with us to use our services. We ensure that our clients receive the best quality service. We also have a skilled team dedicated to ensure that we are able to provide our clients with the best possible price, service and quality. Speed, security and flexibility.

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